Site Updated July 27th, 2016

July 27 - Daily Schedule, Class Counts and Times

Visit the Horse Shows page or click here to go to the website to see the Daily Schedule, Class Counts and Times for the Estes Park Festival Horse Shows.


July 19 - Copper Penny Revised Schedule A Reflecting Added Walk-Trot Classes & Split CHJA Stirrup Medals

Be sure to check Revised Schedule A which lists the four added Walk-Trot classes on Thursday, plus the split of the CHJA Stirrup Medal into three sections (Short, Medium and Long). The Short and Medium sections will run on Friday and the Long section will run on Saturday in conjunction with their corresponding Eq Over Fences classes.


July 19 - CHJA Copper Penny Horse Show Sold Out

The 2016 CHJA Copper Penny Horse Show in Estes Park is officially sold out as of today, with no stalls and no RV spaces available. A waiting list has been started and you may inquire by calling the horse show office at 970-586-1934.


May 6 - 2016 CHJA Copper Penny And Estes Park Festival Horse Shows Prize List Now Online

The prize list for the 2016 CHJA Copper Penny and Estes Park Festival I and II Horse Shows is now available online. Go to the Horse Shows page to view and download your copy today.


Dec 12 - 2016 CEP Horse Show Schedule Announced

CEP is proud to announce its 2016 schedule of horse shows in Arizona and Colorado. See the Horse Shows page for details.


Dec 12 - Greenway / CEP Equitation Classic Program To Expand In 2016

Greenway Saddlery and CEP are proud to announce changes to, and the expansion of, the Greenway / CEP Equitation program for 2016. Three classes will be offered, and include the Greenway / CEP 3’3” Equitation Classic, the Greenway / CEP 3’0” Equitation Classic and the Greenway / CEP 2’6” Equitation Classic. Qualifying classes will be held at all CEP shows throughout the year (the 2’6” class will also be offered at the Four Reel Farm shows), with the finals taking place at the 2016 Arizona Season Finale on November 16-20 in Scottsdale. See the Greenway / CEP Eq Classic page for details!


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The 2016 CHJA Copper Penny and Estes Park Festival Horse Shows prize list is now online ... click on the Horse Show link above to go to the page where you can view and download your copy!